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Snow Days and Prepositional Phrases

We've been spared compared to most of the schools around us...we've only used about half of our allotted days.  While having a random day off works wonders on the soul, there is still the issue of making up for lost instruction time.  Today we had Monday's lesson.  I'm trying to develop the student's writing stamina, so today they wrote silently for thirty minutes on any topic of their choice.  Most do especially well, but a few of the more squirrelly kids had a hard time maintaining the flow.

The students also wrote down the most common prepositions as we're starting the unit on sentence fluency.  This week, I want them to focus on beginning sentences with propositional phrases.  That is going to be a daunting task when many still don't capitalize the first letter in a sentence or use end punctuation.

But in spite of it all, we'll persevere.