I’ve finished the second book in the spirit series Reckoning by K.M. Riley, and just like the first one…I’m hooked on Adele, Harper, and Llaine.

Just like I mentioned in my blog on the first in the series, Awakening, this new author has the right formula for making a fantasy story come to life.
You meet the main characters in the first book and learn how Adele comes to acquire her Powers of the Trinity.

Adele is a reluctant heroine, but after a bloody battle with the evil wizard, Locian, Adele realizes that she must use her new found powers for the good of everyone, not just those who live in her kingdom.
Adele, Harper, and Llaine travel to Seqhad, Llaine’s kingdom, to place Llaine back on the throne as the rightful heir. But, of course, others in the kingdom have no desire to see this happen. Llaine is accused of murder, and it’s up to Adele and Harper to help set him free.

Once again, the trio must battle the forces of evil, only this time one of them will not survive.

The imagery and language in this novel set the mood for a thrilling fantasy that grips you early on in a bloody battle scene and holds on until the lovely, romantic ending. 

Instead of the inland setting of Awakening, Reckoning takes place on the coast. I can’t decide if I’m picturing east or west coast, but knowing the author lives in San Francisco, makes me think that it must look just like the rocky shores of the Pacific.

Make sure that you read Riley’s first novel, Awakening, before reading this one.

Melissa Reese Etheridge


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